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Grip+ was formulated to be the next level above OG Grip. It’s got the same (roughly) tackiness as Formula X, is the same base formula as OG Grip but has a faster flash time and about 15 / 20% more tack.

This formula has been tested on both soft compound tires (such as Voodoos) but also on harder compound tires such as Reactions with the same results. Stuck them to the ground!

When you are SERIOUS about your traction, we have what u need within our family of RC tire prep formulas.

Grip it n rip it.

Formula Use:

Grip+ is the next level above Og Grip. Based on the same formulation as Og Grip, it then offered a faster flash rate (meaning the tackiness comes out sooner giving you traction quicker) and it has about 20% more tackiness then Og Grip.

This formula is excellent for the hotter temps and when U need that extra level of tackiness. It also works on all tire types. 


Monster Grip Formula "X"

Monster Grip’s new FORMULA “X” is formulated for harder compound tires and has been providing EXCELLENT traction results on them in all tests conducted.

Formulated with our proprietary blend of chemicals that make up our proven race winning Preps, “X” packs an extra punch with its “encapsulated resin particles” to provide a extra level of “stick” that will leave your competition in your dust.

Check out Formula “X” for your harder compound tires and get a grip on your competition like never before!

Formula Use:

X formula has been formulated to work on harder compound tires. Reactions are the most popular tire this formula has been tested on with EXCELLENT results, but it will also work on Hoosiers and other hard compound tires. X formula contains (within the liquid) encapsulated resin particles that will stick to the harder compound tires to further enhance the traction. Very little (2 to 3 second) burnout is needed and very lightly (tires helps just about the surface so they just touch the ground).

X Formula does work on soft compound tires however is difficult to remove because the resin particles get “burned” into the tires and is very difficult to remove. This is definitely a harder compound tire formula.



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