Formula Use Guide

This is a very basic guide to the use of Monster Grip RC tire prep formulas.   There are MANY ways to apply / use the formulas. Everyone has their own way they prepare, break in and prep their tires and it comes down to personal testing and tuning to see what is going to work for your set up.

Remember, car set up is CRUCIAL to a straight / fast run (with drag racing ). Any tire traction compound needs to be “learned” and used to learn how it will work for your set up.

If your car does not go straight before u use ANY tire sauce formula, it will be WORSE when trying to use sauce. Sauce enhances SPEED, does NOT MAKE YOU STRAIGHT!


Pre Grip (treatment / cleaner) is formulated to open the pores in the rubber to soften the tires as it cleans debris and traction compound off the rubber at the same time. This formula  helps the tires stay softer and last longer when used correctly. Use  between events and the tires are put into containers / bags that keep air from getting to them.

This helps prolong the life of the tire. Used as a cleaner between passes / runs it greatly reduces the amount of brakleen or Naptha U use also.   

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OG Grip

OG Grip is formulated as a mild traction enhancing formula (sauce) and is the original formula. OG Grip works very well in cooler and colder conditions. Because of its mild tackiness it is also excellent on dirt tracks both packed and lose, inside and out. OG Grip is good up to about 115 to 120 degree track temps. OG Grip is an all around formula for all types of tires.  If using on harder compound tires, we do recommend tire warmers to heat the tires to get the correct tackiness (especially for reactions).  

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X Formula

X formula has been formulated to work on harder compound tires. Reactions are the most popular tire this formula has been tested on with EXCELLENT results, but it will also work on Hoosiers and other hard compound tires. X formula contains (within the liquid ) encapsulated resin particles that will stick to the harder compound tires to further enhance the traction. Very little (2 to 3 second ) burnout is needed and very lightly (tires helps just about the surface so they just touch the ground). X formula does work on soft compound tires however is difficult to remove because the resin particles get “burned” into the tires and is very difficult to remove. This is definitely a harder compound tire formula.  

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Grip +

Grip + is the next level above OG Grip.  Based on the same formulation as OG Grip, it then offered a faster flash rate (meaning the tackiness comes out sooner giving you traction quicker) and it has about 20% more tackiness then OG Grip. This formula is excellent for the hotter temps and when U need that extra level of tackiness.It also works on all tire types.

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G Force Blend

G Force was blended with the help of Frank Greer and Mark Vyne. G Force is a specific mixture of 2 other Monster Grip formulas together to give the awesome tackiness that G Force gives. G Force works great on all surfaces,  tire types and is especially good in the hotter temps.  

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Break-In Formula

Break in formula is our Pre Grip formula blended with an additive that’s heat activated to help soak the conditioner into the rubber as the pours open, giving the tire a FULL DOSE of the conditioner as it soaks deep into the rubber. This formula and procedure is to be used with extreme caution on already soft compound tires (such as DRC 20 compound, reaction blue dots and others like these) as it can soften the tire too much and cause very fast wear due to too soft rubber.  

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The Crawl

Crawl formula was originally blended specifically for crawler tires to treat and soften them for better NATURAL rubber grip on the rocks without holding onto debris. Well as it turns out..   Crawl is exactly that but MUCH MUCH MORE!!! Crawl softens and gives natural tach to ANY rubber TIRE it is applied to. Crawl has been dubbed a MULTI FORMULA for its multiple uses. Crawl has been used in conjunction with Break in formula and a burn out (on a carpet) to activate the heat additives in both formulas in a dry tire prepping procedure with ABSOLUTE PROVEN results!  Crawl is truly a REVOLUTIONARY multi use formula for ALL tires using our proprietary “seal in” technology to hold the conditioner into the rubber which allows it to come out later with heat applied to the tire. The friction of a burn out on carpet,  a heat gun or tire warmers applied will re activate the heat additive to bring the softness tack back out.  Crawl has also proven to be AMAZING as a base coat under our other race formulas.   

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Low Bite Dirt Formula

Our low bite dirt formula was blended with loose dirt tracks in mind. It was blended just below the OG Grip blend to have the perfect amount of bite for loose dirt but not have too much dirt stick to it.   

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High Bite Dirt Formula

Our high bite dirt formula is a VERY complex blend that was very carefully formulated to allow some tack and some softness to the tire. The high bite dirt formula softens the rubber of the tire as it rides in the track while at the same time getting tackier with the friction as well. Truly a revolutionary formula for the dirt world

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OG Grip X, Plus X, G Force X

These formulas are just X particled versions of their original counterparts.   

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Octane formula, created by our very own R/D teams Todd Clymens and blended by our manufacturer, is a mixture of several different carefully measured and blended monster Grip formulas including X, Plus and Crawl (among others). Octane has been tested by our own team drivers around the world for various surfaces,  temps,  tires and conditions. This formula blend has out performed the very expectation that was set for  by our very own team! Octane can take all the power U can throw at it and put it to the track! The formula was blended and tested first with a Mamba Monster X 6s esc (turned all the way up) with a 4 pole castle motor and it took every bit of it! The formula works cold and hot,  be careful in the cold (can brake parts) and has even been said to work in wet conditions by a few testers. OCTANE, HIGH TEST your traction!

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We are now offering a special discount, with proof of eligibility, to our senior citizens, police & fire fighters, first responders and military who purchase our products. Just our way a showing thanks to our brave men and women for their services as well as our senior citizens.

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