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“X”tream Grip - U asked for it! We delivered!

These new formulas are the particles version of the originals. These formulas are blended with the same particles that are in our VERY POPULAR X formula and give you the same awesome grip but now with also the different level as of tackiness of each formula. This opens up a whole new world of mixing abilities as well for this of your that like to mix the Monster Grip family of formulas with each other to create your own unique blends that work for your set ups! Welcome to the next level in tack and CONTROL in your prep game. U already tune your cars …. Now you can fine tune your prep game as well. The Monster has you covered. Let the Monster GRIP u the win!!

Note: Monster Grip formulas are ONLY to be mixed with their own family of monster grip formulas.

Octane Pre-Order

Need help deciding what is best for your needs? Check out our Formula Use Guide.


The Crawl Pre-Order

Monster Grip’s Crawl formula is a specially formulated conditioner that uses a proprietary blended “seal in” technology to actually seal in the conditioning formula. This “sealing system” locks the conditioning formula into the rubber of the tire allowing it to condition / soften over and over again.

This revolutionary crawler formula has been proven to soften tires soft all kinds dramatically. This softening creates a natural SOFT RUBBER grab on rocks and will NOT PICK UP LEAVES OR DEBRIS.

This formula is a game changer for crawler tires.

Note: Price includes one bottle (photo of two bottles is only for reference)

Need help deciding what is best for your needs? Check out our Formula Use Guide.


Break In Formula Pre-Order

16 oz. Bottle

Need help deciding what is best for your needs? Check out our Formula Use Guide.


Dry Tire Conditioning Pak Pre-Order

Pack Includes: 

  • Break In Formula - 8 oz
  • Crawl Formula - 4 oz

Dry Tire Pak Pre-Order - Large

Pack Includes: 

  • Break In Formula - 16 oz
  • Crawl Formula - 4 oz


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