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1up Racing Pro Duty 3.5mm Titanium Turnbuckle Set – Associated B6.4/B6.4D


Compliment your Team Associated B6.4 or B6.4D with a set of Genuine 1up Racing Pro Duty Turnbuckles! We’ve selected the best possible Grade 5 6AL4V raw titanium so we can use less of it for an ultra lightweight and sleek design. A Pro Duty 3.5mm turnbuckle is 24% lighter than an AE kit 3mm turnbuckle!

Each Pro Duty turnbuckle is hand polished to give a truly 1up appearance, and all anodized finishes are done at 1up Racing in California!

Designed and refined by 1up Racing’s Randy Caster. Tested and proven by 1up Racing Team Manager Joe Pillars, our 1up Racing Team Drivers, and happy customers around the world! When plain just won’t do, Pick 1up!


Use with our 3.2mm size Pro Double Ended Turnbuckle Wrench. Always use fresh ball cups when installing new turnbuckles. If you’re up-sizing from 3mm turnbuckles you’ll need to drill out the ball cups with a 1/8? drill bit (included with our AE turnbuckle sets). Prior to install, apply a small amount of 1up Racing Gold AW Grease to the threads to ensure your links can be easily adjusted.

Every turnbuckle is backed by our Pro Duty No-Bend Guarantee! If you ever have issues, please email clear photos to and we’ll get a replacement sent at no charge!

No Visible Threads? No Problem.

1up Racing Pro Duty Titanium Turnbuckles feature the smartest center lug in the industry! Turn towards the short side to shorten the link, or towards the long side to lengthen the link. Now you can make trackside adjustments for friends with confidence.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2.5 × .15 in
Select Finish  Hand Polished, Hand Polished Bright Blue, Hand Polished Dark Blue, Hand Polished Gold, Hand Polished Green, Hand Polished Pink, Hand Polished Purple

Price: $59.99

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