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Crackhead Chassis kit

Have you ever pushed your car to such a limit that weight of the car needs to come down before you can go faster?

Well here we introduce the Crackhead.

With a 3mm chassis plate weighting only 122gr!

The Crackhead makes going fast easier! With it's triangulated and harmonic tuned design, this high quality carbon fiber plate makes building a "light weight" drag car easy.

This chassis plate, like the Tweaker, has technology built into the chassis that has never been seen before!

One innovation is the vacuuming turbulators on the bottom of the plate that allow air to be pulled into the chassis to cool off electronics as well as give a "golf ball" effect on the aero! Another is the fact that these designs are based off harmonic vibrations. Simply, this chassis will be very easy to tune, and the added rear bite is CRAZY.

The Crackhead also offers insane weight bias when setup correctly. You could see numbers of up to 50% front weight bias. This allows tuning the chassis biases very simple!

The Crackhead is the perfect "NO BAR CAR" and outlaw chassis for those speed demons looking for the edge!

This kit includes:

  • 1x Front Carbon Fiber Bumper
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower
  • 1x Rear Tower Mounting Kit
  • 1x Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower
  • 1x Zero Front Bulkhead
  • 2x Supa Speed Battery Straps
  • 2x Battery to Chassis Supports
  • 1x Servo Mount Kit
  • 1x Supa Battery Strap

Price: $299.99

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