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Pre-Grip 4 oz

Some formula facts:

  • Tire warmer friendly
  • Won't gum up in the heat
  • Works very well in the cold. (tested on a 40 degree ground and no traction loss was noticed)
  • Very little formula is needed on application, so they will last you awhile
  • Works on rubber and foam tires

Formula Use:

Pre-Grip (treatment / conditioner) is formulated to open the pores in the rubber to soften the tires. This helps the tires stay softer and last longer when done correctly. This is done between events and the tires are put into containers that keep air from getting to them.

This helps prolong the life of the tire. This also gives the tires a bit of “tack” from making them soft which does give a bit of grip (mild) but can be used as a traction enhancing compound under the right circumstances. It also helps in the activation of the other formulas offered by Monster Grip. 

Price: $23.99

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