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Drag Tire Conditioner

DTE (Drag / dry tire conditioner) was formulated specifically for softening drag & dry tires. This formula is very similar to Crawl, gives the same results. However, dries on the tire much faster and does not have the seal in technology that crawl does (which u don't need for drag racing). This formula on your tire and a small burnout on a piece of carpet until the carpet pushes back at you, will give u some AWESOME results! Created, Tested and proven results by our very own MG racing team drivers.



Created to handle POWER! Tested with a castle mamba X 6s turned all the way up with a 4 pole castle 7700 kv motor with ZERO loss of traction

Works in cold temps (be careful about breaking stuff) but LOVES heat!


Lite Bite

MG's level 1 drag traction formula (our lightest drag formula) is excellent in cold (and up to about 117 to 120 or so depending on track, tire and ambient air temps)

Excellent on surfaces that are already sticky too (either from being a prepped tract or from other preps already leaving a groove).


G Force

Our new G Force drag race formula was blended with the direct input of Frank Greer and Mark Vyne to be able to handle the power they are putting to the ground.

G Force is a blended mixture of Monster Grips own already awesome, traction formula to get the perfect mixture to handle those KILLER Gs!!



Originally blended for Crawler tires to give them NATURAL rubber tachiness, Crawl has made its way the drag racing world as well as a softener for dry tire drags!!

Crawl, with its revolutionary seal in technology, seals in the conditioner allowing it to resurface and soften continuously with heat.


Break In Formula

A specially blended formula that is heat activated to allow the conditioner to penetrate DEEP into the rubber of the tire as the pours are opened up.



Cleans while lightly conditioning tires at the same time. Greatly cuts down on the amount of brakleen or Naptha needed when cleaning your tires.



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